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problem solver

My Amstaff Tala had a very awful belly rash. Switched her diet to kangaroo meat, and the rash is gone. May have been seasonal or a grass allergy, but her belly is nice and pink. Not red raw. Highly recommend natural diet.

Plenty of high quality meat my dogs love them

Kangaroo brisket

Love all the products. My Alaskan malamute is on a strict diet and your products are making it a lot easier to lose the weight.

No good

Item was delivered a day earlier then I was told. When I contacted the company, the response was poor. They offered no remedy or assurance it wouldn't happen again. They also said the don't even have a way to contact their delivery drivers. I won't order again


So fresh, great size, the dogs absolutely love it !!!

Juicy and delicious

These briskets are THE BEST! My two mini Schnausers love them. The pieces are perfect size for my dogs, they are so lean and just enough bone in them to provide good teeth cleaning… we swear by them and love that they are priced really reasonably and are always fresh.

Raw kangaroo starter pack

The communication, service and order was excellent, however I was so disappointed that my groodle just refused to eat it. I tried of a few days, but he just would eat it. I gave it to a neighbour who’s dog was very happy to receive it.


So fresh, fantastic quality, well packed with ice pack. Great prices and variety. Customer service is very prompt in helping with any enquiry


My dog absolutely loved the tails. Very meaty 👍 I will buy these again for sure!

Sensational Venison My dogs love it

This venison is so fresh, my dogs know it before I've opened the box!

These give my boxer dog and pups hours of chewing glory!

Smaller than I thought so not giving them to my dog. They look good for small dogs though.

Such a good size. My dog loves them

Didn’t suit our dogs

Great chews for small dogs

My two Jack Russells love these high quality Riblets. They have a generous amount of kangaroo meat attached which they chew on for some time til they strip the bone clean. They enjoy chewing on the bone section, which seems (understandably) quite hard. I supervise this part and remove the bone if it splits.
The order arrived chilled and smelt very fresh. Overall good value.

The kangaroo is best!

I bought both venison mince and diced kangaroo. I think the kangaroo seems slightly better quality as there is a lot of sinew in the venison so ill probably only order the diced roo in future. The kangaroo tails are AMAZING!! My dog went nuts over it.

Roo tails are awesome

My Boxers absolutely love these tails, even our pups. I can cut them into shorter lengths as required, or give each of our 4 a whole piece. Tails are delivered fresh, clean and vacuum packed in packs of 2.

Raw kangaroo

Great product and service.

Good size with lots of meat for smaller dogs and puppies. My current litter of boxer pups loved these!

Great lean meat for my older dogs. They were really excited the minute I opened the pack.

My last order got mixed up. Wild Oz sent me Kangaroo bones instead of tails. I sent an email and their customer service was excellent! They sent the tails, plus a coupon for 10% off my next order. Wild Oz is a great company to work with! Highly recommend them.


My staffy cross loved these meaty crunchy delicious goodies. The look on his face as he chews and crunches is pure delight.