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My dogs love love your bones

Great quality very fresh smells clean and the dogs love it 🥰

Dogs absolutely love them

Raw kangaroo mince pet food 1kg
Mary Ann Suzette Taguiam
Very Impressed

I'm really happy with the quality and freshness of the meat I order for my dog. It doesn't have that usual funky smell you get with pet-grade meat, and it's pretty much as good as the human-grade meat I buy from Woolworths.

Puppy loves his roo!

I have a very fussy eater but he is loving his kangaroo meat. Thank you so much!

Great for little dogs

The low fat content is great for little dogs. They like the taste. I am happy for them.


the Venison was lovely & fresh & my dog Zack loved it looked good enough to eat my self I was a bit envious of him

Great Food

the food arrived in a triple sided box with 2 ice packs frozen when I defrosted the diced Roo it looked good enough for even me to eat was very impressed & happy it arrived to my area as stated & I will definetley buy again my dog loved it

Good Quality

Unfortunately our Wolfhound cannot eat the product he vomited and had the worst diahorea he's ever had he has eaten another couple of beands brought from Petbarn and online but for some reason your food didnt agree with his sensitive stomach. I am going to donate the food to a local charity which lm sure will be more than happy with the product.

Kangaroo tails

My 2 girls Bonny & Whimsy think they are just great. They devour the complete bone. Excellent product. Big Thank-you from all of us.

Beautiful Diced Meat Chunks my dogs love

Excellent quality, lovely big chunks, no smell. Highly recommend!

Great roo tails

Exactly what I was looking for. Our dogs love them

100% pupper approved

They know what I'm dishing up and wait soo patiently for their dinner
First time I've seen them lick their bowls absolutely spotlessly clean
Will definitely purchase again
The riblets are just perfect .. I love watching them eat
See her using her paws ...melts my heart, and I know its so good for their teeth

Bit sinewy but cats loved it , price got me in , not as well priced as the roo tho

Bit sinewy but cats loved it , price got me in , not as well priced as the roo tho, would’ve subscribed if it was cheaper

Raw food

Fresh and good quality

Roo Riblets

My girls devour the ribs in 7 minutes.
We are I to 2 order with order 3 for more than 2 packets we need more.
Girls love them. 5 ⭐

Great quality

My little girl Ruby loves the tasty healthy kangaroo food. Good quality.

Great 👍🏿

Winny likes the bones

Dogs are Loving Them

The Kangaroo Brisket are my dogs new favourite!! The just love them.

Kangaroo brisket

Oh boy! My small terriers loved them. I'm very happy as I felt they were safe eating them. A win win for all of us!

I wuv dem

Nice and big, cause I'm a big Tibetan Mastiff!
I usually eat one no problems, but sometimes mum is a tight a##e and only gives me half!!
Always fresh and yummy and the grissly white bone doesn't hurt my tummy.

best value and quality

My husky loves it. Not only the roo brisket but all the other products from OZ wild. So fresh juicy and delicious.

Sealed inside and have a resealable outer layer. My 3 dogs love the Wild-oz Raw diced Kangeroo and I love the fact that I can get 500g sized pouches to make feeding easier.
Thankyou Wild-Oz

Raw Kangaroo diced 500g

Good value, my girls love it.
I find it rather bloody. Would it be just as bloody if it was sold in large chunks.

Ruff Them

We love all the kangaroo but these are our favourites!

My dogs love the riblets, so good for their teeth.