Vet reveals the power of fresh meat diets

Vet reveals the power of fresh meat diets

Vets are witnessing the remarkable benefits of balanced fresh meat diets on everyday dog health. 

These diets not only improve overall well-being but also play a crucial role in preventing and reducing long-term health problems such as obesity, dental issues, allergies, and diabetes. Even older dogs suffering from chronic allergies or irritable bowel issues have shown remarkable recovery when switched from processed, cooked pet foods to a raw and/or grain and gluten-free diet.

Transitioning your pet to a raw diet can make a significant difference! 

Here are tips for making the transition as smooth as possible:


Ease your pet into the new diet by mixing a small amount of raw meat, such as kangaroo [insert url], with their regular food. Gradually increase the raw food portion and decrease their former diet over seven to 10 days.


Establish set feeding times to ensure your dog is hungry for each meal. Avoid overfeeding, and if your dog is fussy, offer the food for a limited time, refrigerating and reoffering if necessary.


Serve the raw diet at room temperature or slightly warmer, as cold food straight from the fridge may be less appealing.

Whether you're introducing a puppy to a raw diet or transitioning an older pet, with patience and perseverance, your dog will thrive on their new nutrient-dense, balanced diet of fresh meat. *Quoting Dr Bruce Syme BVSc (Hons)

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