How Much Raw Pet Food Should I Give My Dog?

As a rule of thumb, experts and other pet owners recommend feeding dogs around 2% to 5% of their body weight in raw pet food each day. Of course, this still depends on your dog’s overall energy levels and daily activity.

Is your pooch a senior dog, injured, or just doesn’t get much activity?
Then it’s best to stay on the lower end of the recommendation.

Do you walk with your dog for at least 30 to 60 minutes each day and have play time?
Then aim for around 3% of their body weight in raw pet food.

Does your dog have high energy levels and regularly walk for more than an hour?
Then you can feed them around 4% of their body weight in raw food.

Are your dogs working dogs?
Do they help to herd livestock or very active performance dogs?  If yes, then stay on the upper end of the spectrum of 5% of weight to keep them energised.

For example, let’s say you have a 30 kg golden retriever. An elderly one should get around 600 grams of raw pet food daily. However, if they’re an unstoppable ball of energy, you can give them around 1.25 kg of raw food per day.

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