How Much Fresh Meat Should You Feed Your Pet?

Feeding Your Feline Friends

As fresh-kill hunters, cats in the wild consume most of their water along with fresh prey and do not have a strong drive to drink independently of eating. If a cat is fed only dry food it may under-consume water resulting in stress on kidneys and overly concentrated urine. 

Raw meat food mimics the water content of their prey in the wild.  

100g - 250g of raw meat per day depending on the age, size and weight of your cat is on average what an adult 3.6kg cat typically requires without any additional dry food.

With a raw meat diet, it is recommended to feed fresh twice a day with no free feeding.

How Much Raw Pet Food Should I Give My Dog?

As a rule of thumb, experts and other pet owners recommend feeding dogs around 2% to 5% of their body weight in raw pet food each day. Of course, this still depends on your dog’s overall energy levels and daily activity.

Is your pooch a senior dog, injured, or just doesn’t get much activity?
Then it’s 
best to stay on the lower end of the recommendation.

Do you walk with your dog for at least 30 to 60 minutes each day and have play time?
Then aim for around 3% of their body weight in raw pet food.

Does your dog have high energy levels and regularly walk for more than an hour?
Then you can feed them around 4% of their body weight in raw food.

Are your dogs working dogs?
Do they help to herd livestock or very active performance dogs?  If yes, then stay on the upper end of the spectrum of 5% of weight to keep them energised.

For example, let’s say you have a 30 kg golden retriever. An elderly one should get around 600 grams of raw pet food daily. However, if they’re an unstoppable ball of energy, you can give them around 1.25 kg of raw food per day.

How Many Times a Day Do I Feed My Pet?

No matter how much they turn puppy eyes on you, we recommend feeding your pet’s total daily amount between two meals. 

This can be breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, or breakfast and dinner. Two mealtimes help prevent overindulging your pet and can help regulate meal times. - Isn’t amazing how they know when it’s the time of the day for food? 

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